Current Projects

Anacostia River Tunnel

Tunnel Length

12,500 ft

Contract Amount

$253 M

Completion Date

August 2017

Joint Venture Members

Salini Impregilo S.p.A.
S.A. Healy Company
Parsons Construction


DC Water and Sewer Authority’s long term CSO control plan includes a system of tunnels to control combined sewer overflows into the Anacostia River, Rock Creek, and the Potomac River and transport those captured flows to the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Anacostia River Tunnel is one component of this long term control plan. The Anacostia River Tunnel project is a $253 million design-build project that will serve as a CSO storage and conveyance tunnel along the Anacostia River in southeastern Washington, DC. The tunnel starts near RFK Stadium and travels south before crossing under the Anacostia River, continuing to a junction shaft at Poplar Point.

The project consists of the final design and construction of the following main components:

•Approximately 12,500 feet of 23-foot minimum inside diameter tunnel, with bolted/gasketed precast concrete liner.

•Six shafts with various configurations that include hydraulic internal structures, vortex drop facilities, and diversion chambers.All shafts will require either permanent or temporary covers.

•At CSO-019, two shafts will be constructed and connected by an interconnecting tunnel constructed by Sequential Excavation Methods. The TBM will be launched at this location.

•Two shaft locations will require diversion chambers with connecting diversion sewers and approach channels.

•Three shaft locations require adit tunnels to connect the shafts to the tunnel. One of these adits will be constructed using microtunneling methods, while the others will utilize SEM.

•Five sites will require odor control and venting facilities.

•The Poplar Point Shaft will be used to retrieve the TBM and will contain a junction structure to connect to the Blue Plains Tunnel.

•Ancillary work, including electrical and mechanical installations, landscaping, and partial commissioning.

Anacostia River Tunnel
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